Florida Menu Guide, Inc. is a strong advocate of strategic marketing to increase the short and long-term success of restaurants. Sure it is important to prepare great dishes and provide great service; however these efforts may go unnoticed unless you appropriately expose your restaurant to the public. There are many vehicles in which this may be accomplished. Newspapers, magazines, directories, radio and television are a sample of traditional methods. Unfortunately you are spending your hard-earned dollars exactly the same as your competitors. Where is the strategy in that? enables you to promote your restaurant in a unique and flexible medium. Use our aggressive marketing techniques to target and expand your restaurant’s customer base while adding to your bottom line. Our methods of marketing assures that a large demographic of restaurant patrons will know your menu can be found on In addition, gives you the ability not only to post your entire menu, but also provides the flexibility to promote specials and coupons to our users.

And perhaps the most appetizing feature of this service … it is a fraction of the cost of other marketing tools. Please contact us via the information listed below to discuss how Florida Menu Guide, Inc. can assist in your restaurants marketing efforts.